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This means following all applicable laws and regulations, creating honest ads, and advertising safely and respectfully. Our policies require you to follow the law, but they are not legal advice.We organize our policies around six principles: Advertisers are responsible for the safety of the product, service, or message that their advertisement promotes.You can view available translations of this article by selecting a language in the upper-right corner of this page.Translations are provided as a convenience, and are not meant to change the content of our policies.We encourage you to check back often to read the latest updates.All You Tube Kids Paid Ads must be pre-approved by You Tube’s policy team prior to being served in the You Tube Kids app.But we’ve all had bad date experiences from being poorly matched.

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Likewise a search for "chocolate" can show a user-uploaded video on making chocolate fudge even though we do not allow paid advertising for chocolatiers.

One of those people is one-time aspiring filmmaker Mark Twitchell, who police now believe turned his TV obsession into a real-life nightmare.

Mark Twitchell may be one of the most twisted and creepy killers you've never heard of, detailing his diabolical plan for murder in a 42-page document.

Wait until you hear Twitchell's explanation of what happened inside his garage.

Believe it or not, Twitchell has posted another profile looking to meet people, this time on a Canadian prison inmates website.

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