Bad parenting

Kevin and Stew take to the woods for a fishing trip, but Kevin must bring along his baby girl.Kevin's not the most savvy Dad; his parenting skills are severely lacking.Emily Gould | Longreads | May 2017 | 13 minutes (3,370 words) During my son’s first two months on earth, I read 25 books about taking care of babies and children.I read them on my phone while breastfeeding and on the subway in stolen moments of solitude while my baby napped in his carrier, his fuzzy head an inch from the pages.An action-comedy short film that never lets up, with a surprise ending. Like, really lost it and not in the cute way where I turn a moment of weak parenting into a joke on social media or, make a great meme or, in the million other small ways that do nothing but advance the stereotype of the wine-fueled “Momster” that has been my bread and butter for so long. I lost it and had this out-of-body “I SEE YOUR BULLSHIT!

While previous studies have also documented some brain differences in those affected, this represents the largest population of people studied.

I impose my aggravation and quick temper on my kids.

I’ve had enough of how we’re all too comfortable imposing responsibility on everyone else.

It’s listed in the manual of psychiatric disorders as a validated mental health condition, yet there’s a lingering sense that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), especially among children, is in part due to poor parenting or parents who aren’t disciplining their children enough.

People with ADHD have a difficult time concentrating and often act out in in appropriate ways in frustration.

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