Broadcast my cam free

Diaries have been pushed out of the spotlight by blogs and social networks.....Grant did review three apps where you can stream video from your phone, and Qik has always been one of my long time favorites.Network A wired connection is better than a wireless connection.

Called OBS Studio, I consider it the poor man’s Wirecast.I decided that these days, with resolution quality of mobile video blossoming and with bitrates in data plans screaming, there has to be a wider selection. Yes, I found a bunch of junk apps that either captured really low-quality video off my 5 megapixel camera, or the app-web connection had so many failures that it was a complete annoyance to use.Thankfully, I did find 5 apps to choose from that really fit the bill when you want to stream live video from your smartphone, for either all of the world, or just for a select circle of friends and family.But with the creation of new third-party tools, you may now broadcast live to Facebook from your desktop or laptop computer.Instead of being stuck with a mobile experience in the standard Facebook square, you are now free to experiement with possibilities to create shows which use multiple cameras, titles, transitions and more!

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