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This change in burial customs is probably also the case at Stabelhøje, that most likely hold several generations of burials from different Bronze Age time periods.From the top of the mounds there is a view to Kalø Castle Ruin in Egens Bay - part of Aarhus Bay, and to the coast of Jutland, with Aarhus, Denmarks second largest town, in the distance.One can also see the hilly fields of southern Djursland, and the unfarmed hills of protected central Mols, including the tallest hill in the area, Agri Baunehøj, 137 meters above sea level.There is also a view of Ebeltoft Bay, and of the southernmost peninsula on Djursland, Helgenæs.In parts of this area, the water-level rose a massive 30 to 40m within approximately a thousand years.This ‘trapped’ large amounts of well-preserved Stone Age sites in anaerobic conditions.

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Experts believe the upturned stump was used as the final resting place of an important person, where his or her body would be allowed to break down in the open air - a practice known as 'sky burial' and used by monks in Nepal.

According to archaeological findings the burial customs changed during the Bronze Ages from coffin burials in oak trunks to cremation in the late Danish Bronze Ages.

Probably due to international influence caused by long distance trade with commodities such as copper, tin and cattle.

A fine example of how to obfuscate the dreadful truth; Archaeological solutions made an almighty mess of this, to the point that even the spineless bureaucrats in CIf A were forced to assess their report and criticised it as being of a very poor standard; in fact they missed the burials, the Anglo-Saxon pottery and other evidence and produced a report that said there was nothing there.

This led the developer up a blind alley and almost bankrupted him once he started work on site and found the burials.

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