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Warning, these are my subjective ideas based on my experience and may not correlate to reality.Simply what I would use if I was on the market for a bride. Objectively putting the company like Elinea’s models that has been around since 1/25/2000 on the web, but the company predates that. Elena Gold, aka Elena Solomon, Elena Petrova I think is an honest business owner.I would tell anyone, you are responsible for yourself.If you are 65 like me and you seriously believe that 22 year old girls find you fantastically attractive, you're an idiot.No company makes more of an effort to fight scam artists and provide an honest service than Elena's Models.In fact, Elena's Models is almost obsessed with rooting out scammers and keeping other international dating and mail order bride services on the up and up.How do you think, is it an accident that the agency Elena’s Models began the large-scale fight with its competitors in all possible social networks in the same year?The changes took place not only inside the company, the website was changed as well, it was greatly updated.

And here is the comment from Paul written after one of the articles on this blog: So it is, Elena’s Models really belongs to the company Great Media Limited, it is mentioned on their website: By the way, it seems that this discussion was created for the same goals of Elena’s Models, the tactics and style of narrative are very similar to Bruner’s tactics. It is also evident that this «honest» dating agency tries to earn money using unfair game.Then the agency will send it out to anyone that meets the, often very broad, criteria of the woman who wrote the letter with the hopes that you will perhaps pay to read it and pay to send a reply.Some poor saps will feel like they need to reply to every letter and some agencies will send you hundreds, which can obviously be incredibly expensive.Also if you fall for some of the obvious scams that are out there, you're an idiot.There is so much information that is easy to find and read there is really no excuse. She is Russian and there are limited countries they can travel to. I treated her as specially as I could and she was wonderful.

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    Be careful and be realistic and you'll do fine. On Elena's Models I found it easy to make connections with some very friendly and open women. I paid for everything associated with the trip as I would expect to if I was dating an American woman. tourist visa and recently she spent 3 weeks here in the U. It was so much fun showing someone like her a bit of California and the U. Things that I take for granted were magical to her.

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