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In other areas of the Los Angeles Basin archeological sites date back 8,000–15,000 years.The Tongva believe they have been here since the beginning of time.Once called the "lords of the ocean", due to their mastery of oceangoing canoes (Ti'ats), many Tongva villages covered the coastline.

The theatre seats 1500 and is designed in Art Deco style.

The park is well known for hosting free events throughout the year including a car show and summer season of Shakespeare By The Sea, and it’s perfect for beachcombing and checking out the tide pools (when it’s low tide, of course).

Point Fermin is also adjacent to the now famous Sunken City of San Pedro, a collection coastal ruins abandoned during the 1920’s.

Albert was born December 7, 1926, and passed away June 4th due to complications arising from lymphatic cancer; he was 90 years old.

Bert was born in Belfast Ireland, married his wife Carmel in 1951 ...

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