Who is tyler perry dating now

Over the course of the past decade Tyler Perry has dominated.His stage plays, motion pictures, DVDs, sitcom series, online talk show and book, based on commentaries from his popular character of Madea, have collectively grossed hundreds of millions of dollars.Producer, playwright, filmmaker, director, and actor who was dubbed the highest paid man in entertainment by Forbes magazine in 2011.

"They have been very happy together and are very excited about this wonderful news," the source adds.

He wrote the 2006 version of Madea's Family Reunion and produced Diary of a Mad Black Woman in which he acted as Madea in drag.

His father beat him regularly and molested one of his friends.

Not since the days of Lorraine Hansberry and Langston Hughes has Black theater been as popular and as relevant.

When Perry hit the scene in 1998 with his first screenplay, “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” veteran playwright David Talbert had been one of only a handful of theater producers in what was known as the “chitlin circuit,” where theatrical musicals toured smaller venues throughout the south.

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