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Watch it with that in mind and you'll enjoy it a lot more. However, he just explained how everything happened on this not so good date. After their date goes terribly wrong, He is asked to make her leave. This is one of the funniest cat videos I`ve ever seen. Please SHARE this talking kitty cat with your friends on Facebook." and "So how about that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? I was bored to tears and couldn't wait to get out of there.—Dee, NJI once went on a date with a guy I met online.Favs: Leaf x Crow, Fire x Gray, Ash x Scourge, Hawk x Ivy, Moth x Leaf, Tiger x Fire, Tiger x Dark, Raven x Barley, Black x Sol, Gray x Silver (That is more than 5 but whatever) These are also mostly yaoi but whatever Hates: Tiger x Sasha, Holly x Ash: why: um... Cinder (I don't care which Cinder it is becauese they're the same cat anyway)Xanthing (I just freaking DON'T like Cinderpelt/heart. if my calculations are correct, Hollyleaf HATES Ashfur, I mean, she fricken killed him. Oakheart x Bluestar - I think they were by far my favorite. These guys looked more like serial killers and pedophiles, not the guy next door.

Her appereance was scarred and yet Cloudtail saw her as beautiful inside and out. Feathertail saw who he truely was, and he respected her. Brakenfur x Sorreltail - They remind me of a cute highschool couple. She conncected with Firestar in a spiritual and friendly way.

None of these men even came remotely close to what I was looking for.

In fact, it looked like the folks at Eharmony pulled these guys out of a dumpster and then posted photos of these "hot" 60 year old dudes with their beer guts and stains on their t-shirts.

Even if she was a warrior, Sandstorm and Firestar are more on the same level. I just don't like Honeyfern, I can't think of any particular reasons at the moment. Poppyfrost had actually respected the fact Berrynose loved Honeyfern and waited for her turn!!

Ashfur x Squirrelflight - It's just more friend material.

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